CRICKET 2021-2022
Wainuiomata (vs) Johnsonville.jpg

Wainuiomata (vs) Johnsonville
Division Three
83 photos

Taita (vs) Eastern Suburbs Women.jpg

Taita (vs) Eastern Suburbs
Women's Division 3
47 photos

Lansdowne (vs) Stihl.jpg

Lansdowne (vs) The Stihl Swollen Club
Community Shield T20
118 photos

Wairarapa (vs) Hawkes Bay.jpg

Wairarapa (vs) Hawkes Bay
Furlong Cup, 5 December
131 photos online

Riverside Petone (vs) Hutt Districts.jpg

Petone Riverside (vs) Hutt District
Division 3 One Day Competition
118 photos

Hutt District (vs) Wgtn Collegians Women.jpg

Hutt District (vs) Wellington Collegians
Maureen Peters T20 Competition
78 photos

Taita (vs) Onslow.jpg

Taita (vs) Onslow
Ewen Chatfield Trophy
27 photos

Red Star (vs) Marist.jpg

Red Star (vs) Masterton Marist
Community Shield T20
102 photos

Carterton (vs) Red Star.jpg

Carterton (vs) Red Star
Umpires Cup, 4 December
125 photos

Johnsonville (vs) VUW.jpg

Johnsonville (vs) Victoria University
Premier T20 Cup
89 photos

Naenae (vs) Petone-Riverside.jpg

Naenae (vs) Petone-Riverside
Hazlett 2 Day Division 2
61 photos

Wairarapa (vs) Hawkes Bay Women.jpg

Wairarapa (vs) Hawkes Bay
Shrimpton Trophy
134 photos

Petone Riverside (vs) North City.jpg

Petone-Riverside (vs) North City
Joy Lamason One Day Round 9
143 photos

UH (vs) Johnsonville Women.jpg

Upper Hutt (vs) Johnsonville
Joy Lamason One Day Competition
147 photos

Red Star (vs) Paraparaumu.jpg

Red Star (vs) Paraparaumu
Coastal Challenge T20
76 photos

VUW (vs) Sri Lankan Sports Club.jpg

VUW (vs) Sri Lanken Sports Club
Division Four One Day Competition
94 photos

Hutt Districts (vs) UH Women.jpg

Hutt District (vs) Upper Hutt
Joy Lamason One Day Competition
68 photos

Naenae (vs) Hutt Districts.jpg

Naenae Old Boys (vs) Hutt District
Hazlett Trophy Round 7
92 photos

UH (vs) Karori Men.jpg

Upper Hutt (vs) Karori
Ewen Chatfield Trophy
93 photos

Lansdowne (vs) Coasties.jpg

Lansdowne (vs) Lone Star Coasties
Community Shield T20
56 photos

North City (vs) Petone-Riverside.jpg

North City (vs) Petone-Riverside
Hazlett Trophy
77 photos

Taita (vs) Karori.jpg

Taita (vs) Karori
Ewen Chatfield Trophy
62 photos

Lansdowne (vs) Greytown.jpg

Lansdowne (vs) Greytown
Umpires Cup, 13 November
86 photos

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