Sports clubs and sports organisations are welcome to use some images from almost any game or event for any promotional or publicity purposes with the following conditions:

• Sports clubs or sports organisations only.

• Limited to one or two images from any game or event.

• Photos can only be used for promotional or publicity purpose. They can be used on a website, for social media, in a club magazine or programme, and they can be used for any editorial purposes - for example in a local newspaper. A photo credit is required (for example Photo: Graeme Bowden).

• Images cannot be used for any commercial advertising purpose.

• Images cannot be onsold or given to any other person, company or group.

• Offer may or may not be available if I have been paid or contracted to attend a game or event.

• I always retain copyright on all my images but license sports clubs and organisations to use the images as described above.

Organisations will need to email me for the photos.

Simply look at the galleries - the photo number appears when you hover over an image.

Email with the number(s) of the images you would like.