News media may purchase images for any editorial use

  • Photos can be used for any editorial purpose provided the appropriate licence has been purchased.

  • Images can be used in print publications, on the media company's website and their social media pages.

  • Photos can be used as many times as required without any additional fees (they can be kept as a file photo)

  • Photos can be used in multiple publications owned and run by the same company.

  • Images cannot be on-sold or given to any other media group, publication, individual, or any other third-party business or organisation.

  • A photo credit is required (for example Photo: Graeme Bowden).

  • Images cannot be used for any commercial advertising purposes.

  • Some images may or may not be available if I have been paid or contracted to attend a game or event.

  • I always retains copyright on all my images but I media organisations to use the photos as described above.

I am working on a dedicated media download page, but in the meantime there are two ways to order images:

1) Buy directly from any of the sport galleries. PayPal only - either from your PayPal account or credit/debit card

2) Email with details and the number of the image you require. (Just hover over any image in a gallery to see the photo number). I will reply with the full-size version. Media clients are invoiced monthly.

Full terms and conditions for all licence types, and instructions on how to buy are here