Buying Photos

All sport photos are available for sale.

Full-size digital files without the copyright watermark for $5 each.

Rather than setting up an online store which would have meant uploading full-size versions of every photo I have kept ordering images much simpler. All you need to do is jot down the event and photo numbers of the images you'd like to order, then email them to me. I'll check the order, send you a confirmation and invoice, and once paid I'll email the images to you. I've also created an order form in PDF format that you can download, complete and email back to me if it's easier.

Please note that all images are for personal use only. I always retain copyright of my images but license customers to have them for any personal use. Please email for any commercial or promotional use - I generally grant permission but like to ensure that photos are not used in an inappropriate way.

All the sports images on this website have been downsized. The full-size files are better and will be supplied without any watermarks.

Please note that the historic sport photos were taken on 35mm film. The technology wasn't as good back then and the film has had to be scanned, so the images may not be as crisp and as sharp as modern digital images. Some b/w films had to be uprated for sports photos so they have more grain, and some colours from some of the early colour films have gone a bit wonky over the years.

There are a lot of historic photos yet to come. I have hundreds of them and I think it will take at a few years to get most of them scanned and onto the site.

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