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Body Cap or lens body cap for Minolta MD cameras


I have brand new and used ones in stock. The second hand ones are in excellent condition. Sorry all the body caps have sold - I've ordered more which will hopefully be here in September


Body Cap (brand new) - out of stock

Lens Body Cap (brand new) $4.00


Body Cap (used)

Lens Body Cap (used) $2.00

Body Caps - Minolta MD mount

PriceFrom $2.00

Free delivery is available in the Wellington, Hutt Valley, Porirua and Wairarapa regions but it is at my convenience - in other words, I can't make a special trip for an item worth a few dollars. I'm usually in these regions at least once every couple of weeks.

Looking from overseas? International shipping is expensive but email me if you're interested in a product and I'll look for the best possible price.

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