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Ricoh 50mm f2 lens. Well I think it's a 50mm but it is missing the front plastic cover.


Fits all Pentax K-mount cameras.


Average condition but the glass isn't too bad with a little bit of dust and haze. I don't know whether it's complete but should be fixable or otherwise good for parts.

I also have f2.2 XR-Rikenon and f2.2 Rikenon versions for sale - both of those have the front cover cover, but missing the aperture and the back covers.

Ricoh 50/2 lens


Free delivery is available in the Wellington, Hutt Valley, Porirua and Wairarapa regions but it is at my convenience - in other words, I can't make a special trip for an item worth a few dollars. I'm usually in these regions at least once every couple of weeks.

Looking from overseas? International shipping is expensive but email me if you're interested in a product and I'll look for the best possible price.

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