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Ricoh KR-10


A reasonably good example of this popular camera. Film tested and everything works. Exposures in both auto and manual modes were perfect. It would be advertised as in very good condition but there are three things that let it down. Firstly somebody has tightened the screws above lens mount down too tightly and cracked the little plastic plate. Not immediately obvious but you can see the little cracks around the screws. It doesn't affect anything - just annoying.


The second small issue is that there are marks (they look like cleaning marks) on the fresnel focussing glass above the mirror. Again it doesn't affect anything and you can still see and focus clearly.


Thirdly, the self-timer lever is missing!


A great little basic camera though - perfect for beginners to learn film photography, or for anyone wanting a good, easy to use, basic camera.


See my other listings for an original manual for these cameras, and a really nice Rikenon lens.


Please note that it is an older camera and hasn't been overhauled or reconditioned, and even though it was working when I tested it, I don't guarantee that it'll work perfectly, so it is sold in as-in condition.

Ricoh KR-10


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