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Sklight Filters. 49, 52, 55 , 58 & 72mm available. 

Various brands


49mm $3.00

52mm $3.00

55mm $5.00

58mm $7.50

62mm $7.50

67mm $8.00

72mm - this one is in good condition except there is a dent on the outer screw thread. It screws to a lens absoulety fine, but you won't be able to screw a second filter or a lens hood to it. Just $5.00


Used, but apart from the 72mm, all are in excellent condition.


I also have a selection of UV filters on a separate page


Skylight Filters

PriceFrom $3.00

Free delivery is available in the Wellington, Hutt Valley, Porirua and Wairarapa regions but it is at my convenience - in other words, I can't make a special trip for an item worth a few dollars. I'm usually in these regions at least once every couple of weeks.

Looking from overseas? International shipping is expensive but email me if you're interested in a product and I'll look for the best possible price.

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