Top quality prints and enlargements printed at a professional lab. These are much better than cheap auto prints at the local discount store. I always check and adjust every photo, and if necessary will send a proof showing any cropping or adjustments before printing.

There are too many sports images to put them all online so you will need to order prints by downloading the price list and order form, or simply emailing me with details. I will check your order and send an invoice before the image is sent to the lab for printing.


Sport Prints.png
Stop Out vs Kapiti Capital 1.jpg
Stop Out vs Olympic.jpg
SO vs Wgtn Women.jpg

• These are the standard, common sizes. Many other sizes and ratios (eg square) are available

• Sizes with a "•" indicate they are the same ratio as the camera format so the image will exactly fit the print. Other sizes may need to be cropped

• Photos printed on lustre photographic paper. Glossy and metallic prints also available

• To order: Download and complete and email the pdf order form or simple email me

• I always check your order and if necessary will send a proof showing any cropping or adjustments before printing

• Once checked I will email an invoice. When paid the image will be sent to the lab for printing

• I use a professional lab for all my printing work.

• Prints are shipped to you directly from the lab

• You only pay one shipping price (for the largest print). For example total shipping cost for an A3, one 10x8" and three 6x4" prints ordered at the same time would be $12.75

• Prices include GST and are correct at the time of publishing


Pricelist and

Order Form