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A surprisingly great little camera! Film tested and everything worked very well - in fact much better than I expected. However please note that it is an older camera and hasn't been overhauled or reconditioned, and even though it was working when I tested it, I don't guarantee that it'll work perfectly, so it is sold in as-in condition. The 50mm lens has some fungus (you can see it in the lens photo) and seems to underexpose the photos by about a stop, but I tested the camera with other lenses and exposure was perfect - the camera works properly. The only thing that is slightly annoying is that the film advance lever doesn't stay nice and firm against the body - it's like the return spring (which works) isn't quite strong enough or needs adjusting. It doesn't affect using the camera - it's just a shame it isn't perfect.


According to Wiki, these cameras were a house brand for the UK camera store Jessops. This one was based on the Pentax K1000 and is probably from the 1990s. It’s totally manual - you need to focus and set the shutter and aperture, but it does have a built in light meter displaying over -, under -, or correct exposure.


Because the lens isn’t great and I won't guarantee that it's perfect, I’m selling it as body only for $25 with a free lens. If you want a better lens then have a look at the Rikenon 35-70 I have for sale. I tested that lens on this body and the photos were really good - one of the best and sharpest images I’ve taken at my regular lens testing spot.


Centon K100 Camera


Free delivery is available in the Wellington, Hutt Valley, Porirua and Wairarapa regions but it is at my convenience - in other words, I can't make a special trip for an item worth a few dollars. I'm usually in these regions at least once every couple of weeks.

Looking from overseas? International shipping is expensive but email me if you're interested in a product and I'll look for the best possible price.

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