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Personal Use

  • Photos can be used for any personal use including posting on social media.

  • You cannot on-sell or give away any image or use them for any editorial, commercial or advertising purpose without permission.

  • A fair usage rule applies: You can download a small number of images but you can't take what most people would consider to be an excessive, unfair or unreasonable number of photos. You certainly cannot download all images from a game (or even a large number) and post them on any website or social media site.

  • I always retain copyright but license individuals to use the photos as descibed above.

  • Non-professional sports clubs may also download a small number of images to use for their publicity or to post on social media. My fair usage rule applies, and also please remember that sports photos cannot be used for any commercial purpose without permission. I take these photos strictly for editorial use and do not have permission from any organisation, club or individual to use any image for commercial purposes. Please email me if you have any doubts.


Editorial Use

  • Photos can be purchased for any editorial purpose.

  • An image can be used in print publications, on the media company’s website and on their social media pages.

  • Photos can be used as many times as required without any additional fees.

  • Photos can be used in multiple publications owned and run by the same company.

  • Images cannot be on-sold or given to any other media group, publication, individual, or any other third-party business or organisation.

  • A photo credit is required (for example Photo: Graeme Bowden).

  • I always retain copyright but license editorial organisations to use the photos as described above.

Commercial Use

  • Commercial means photographs used for commercial or business use. That includes, but not limited to, any commercial advertising or promotional use, commercial websites and social media.

  • Sports photos are generally not available for commercial use. However please contact me if you would like to use an image and I will see if I can arrange the necessary permissions. A commercial rate may apply.

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